Students, send us your gadget questions!

Unsure what gear to buy ahead of the coming school year or how much you should spend? Hit us up.

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How much laptop does a college freshman need? What's the quickest way to learn Photoshop? Is it worth having a TV in my dorm room?

Ask Engadget gets a lot of emails -- and more than a few of them are questions about products. Think: What should I buy? Which product will work best for me? Which ones will last the longest? Now we're looking to hear from students, parents of students and maybe even some teachers too. If you're at all unsure about what to buy or how much to spend, shoot us a note and we'll answer as many of your queries as possible sometime this summer, once back-to-school shopping season is under way. Send your questions to and get a mix of answers from our staff and the rest of the Engadget community.

(And if you have a non-school-related question, feel free to send that in too! We'll still be doing a monthly column leading up to, and after, our back-to-school special.)

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