'Jurassic World Alive' is like 'Pokémon Go' with dinosaurs

Gotta find 'em all.

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Before kids had Pokémon to obsess over and memorize, they had dinosaurs. And now, Universal Studios and developer Ludia Inc. are smashing those two worlds together with Jurassic World Alive, basically Pokémon Go with dinosaurs. From the looks of the launch trailer below, that's an accurate summation rather than a reductive statement.

Walk around the real world to "fly" a drone and collect dinosaur DNA from the terrible, augmented reality thunder-lizards that've infested your neighborhood (think: capturing a creature in Go); create your own hybrid creatures; battle your dino "strike team" against other players and, well, probably drain your smartphone's battery very quickly in the process.

It should be incredibly familiar if you're used to scouting for eevee and squirtle in the real world. The game's cheerful interface should help bridge the gap between the two titles as well. You probably won't ever mistake a velociraptor for a vulpix while playing, though.

The game is free on Android and iOS and out right now. If you're more interested in building and managing a park of your own, there's Jurassic World: Evolution, which is coming to consoles and PC on June 12th. The reason for the prehistoric season, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, debuts at your local multiplex June 22nd.

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