Donkey Kong DLC for ‘Mario + Rabbids’ arrives June 26th

Pound that chest, yo.

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Truly, we are living in the Golden Age of crossover content. At its E3 press conference on Monday, Ubisoft revealed more details about its upcoming Donkey Kong expansion for "Mario + Rabbids" which is slated for release on the Nintendo Switch later this month, June 26th specifically. The DLC is expected to include four new levels totaling an added 10 hours of gameplay.

Donkey Kong will of course be a playable character, and a rather powerful one at that. He'll reportedly have the ability to pick up and throw most onscreen items including cover blocks, enemies and even allies. He'll also be armed with a "Bwananarang" for taking down multiple foes from long range and can perform a ground pound for dealing damage at close range. Players will be able to unlock the Kong content separately or grab it as part of Ubisoft's season pass.

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