Instagram won't tell you when someone screenshots your Stories

It has officially ended the feature's tests.

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Mariella Moon
June 15th, 2018
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Instagram gave lurkers a small heart attack when it announced earlier this year that it's testing a feature that tells users if someone took a screenshot of their Stories. It was yet another page out of Snapchat's book, but one that was welcome for those who want to know if someone's creeping on them. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which camp you belong to), the platform has told BuzzFeed News that it's no longer pushing through with its plan. It has officially stopped testing the feature and will no longer show that little pop-up notification, which lets you know that this specific person now has a record of your ephemeral post.

The feature was only ever available to a small set of users as part of its beta testing, so it's not going to be missed by a lot of people. But if you were hoping to eventually get it before you go all in on documenting your life on social media without having to leave a permanent record, then this probably kills your chances. That is, unless Instagram is cooking up a similar-but-ultimately-different feature for wider release.

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