Follow tonight’s NBA draft with ESPN’s Twitter livestream

It's unclear what will air after the first round, but that's what fans care about most.

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David Lumb
June 21st, 2018

For tonight's NBA draft, ESPN will have fan-focused commentary on its main channel while its ESPN2 coverage will explain what the picks mean for the league. But you can also follow along on the network's Twitter account, which will have "more of a radio-type approach" by ESPN regulars David Jacoby, Ryen Russillo and Ryan Hollins, the company's senior VP of production told Variety. They'll comment while the livestream airs, though it's unclear whether that will continue after the first round.

More importantly, fans might not hear about the picks on social media first. This was an edict directly from the NBA to ESPN's staff instructing them to wait until they were announced at the draft to comment, a source told AwfulAnnouncing. "We spoke with our media partners about our preference that ESPN's exclusive broadcast rights be honored, but each organization will make its own editorial decisions," an NBA representative said in a comment to the site.

That presumably also includes Adrian Wojnarowski, previously of Yahoo, who is known for dropping insider 'Woj bombs' that previously included pick info before they were officially announced at the draft. Since he's part of ESPN's main-channel commentary team, he may not disclose anything ahead of time.

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