AT&T's affordable WatchTV service is now streaming

The service is $15 per month for non-AT&T Wireless subscribers.

WatchTV is the latest product to come out of AT&T's recent Time Warner acquisition. As of today, the live TV streaming service is now available to all users. If you're an AT&T Wireless customer, you can subscribe through your wireless plan. Everyone else can pay $15 a month for access.

The streaming service does not have local or sports channels, which is why AT&T can keep the price low. It boasts 30 live channels, plus over 15,000 television shows and movies on demand. It's certainly less expensive than the company's next lowest offering; 60+ channels with DirecTV now is $35. Alternatively, competitor Sling TV just raised the price on its cheapest package yesterday to $25 per month for 30 channels.

The service is unsurprisingly pretty bare bones: There's no cloud DVR or watching on more than one device at once. Additionally, HD is only available through AT&T Wireless's Premium plan, according to TechCrunch.

Still, AT&T customers, as well as those looking for a low-cost live TV streaming solution, are likely to be interested in this service. AT&T touts that the service is "compatible on virtually every current smartphone, tablet or web browser, and certain streaming devices," including the Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV and TV Stick.