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Recommended Reading: Fixing Apple Maps

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images
Billy Steele
Billy Steele|June 30, 2018 10:30 AM

Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up
Matthew Panzarino,

It's no secret that Apple Maps has lagged behind other options like Google Maps and Waze, but that may not be the case for much longer. TechCrunch has details on how Eddy Cue and his team are giving the app a complete overhaul -- one that begins with the company using its own map data.

The life of a 'Grand Theft Auto' role-player
James Dator,

A group of players are building their own cities inside GTA where they live out stories online.

Why Tech Worker Dissent Is Going Viral
Nitasha Tiku,

Wired offers a look at the tech workers taking a stand at big name companies, and why we're hearing about it when they do.

Meet the 29-year-old trying to become the King of Mexican fake news
Ryan Broderick and Íñigo Arredondo,

A window into the fake news problem in Mexico that's influencing an important election cycle.

The gospel according to Kendrick Lamar
Lisa Robinson,
Vanity Fair

A conversation with the Pulitzer Prize winner in the midst of the massive Tog Dawg Entertainment summer tour.

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Recommended Reading: Fixing Apple Maps