Boss Katana-Air is a compact wireless guitar amp you can use anywhere

It's made to be ready whenever you are.

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Guitar players wanting to liberate themselves from long instrument cables that tether them to a spot on stage (or clutter up their practice space) usually have to buy a whole system with transmitters and receivers and such. Now, however, Boss has just announced a new compact stereo practice amp called the Katana-Air with wireless built right in, available now for $399.99.

Looking like a cross between a guitar amplifier and a boombox, this battery-powered device has a built-in low-latency wireless transmitter that plugs into your guitar. Like the Fender Mustang GT, you can use this Boss amp as a Bluetooth speaker, as well, which makes playing along to your favorite songs easy. The Katana-Air has five different amp models, including Acoustic, Clean, Crunch, Lean and Brown. It also carries more than 50 Boss effects onboard, with six memory slots to store your favorite amp modeling and effects. You use the Boss Tone Studio app to manage the onboard sounds and get even more presets online.

Boss promises a full 12 hours of playtime with a single charge of the transmitter battery — there's even a slot on the amp itself to charge it while you're not using it. The amp stays in standby mode to conserve power and wakes up when it senses motion.

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