Spotify uses your listening history to find festival tickets

A deal with Festicket can find events you'd want to attend.

It isn't always easy to choose which music festivals to attend. You might not be aware that your dream festival exists, and the ones you do know may only have one or two artists you'd actually like to see. Spotify might just fix this. It's partnering with Festicket on a Festival Finder that uses your listening habits to help you score tickets (plus accommodations and travel) to events around the world that truly reflect your tastes. Stream a lot of trance? You may get suggestions for Creamfields in the UK and Transmission in Prague.

There's a waiting list feature for festivals that have yet to offer tickets (up to a year in the future).

The collaboration has an immediate appeal: it might help you find a new favorite festival, or even give you ideas for vacations that you wouldn't have considered in the past. Festicket also sees this as just the beginning of its larger plans. Ultimately, it's hoping that its database of 1,000-plus festivals will become an "intelligent engine" for event discovery. There's a strong financial incentive for Festicket in this, of course, but it could also prove very useful if you want to check out distant festivals without the logistical headaches of finding your own hotels and flights.