MoviePass stops offering tickets for big movies amid outages

You may be locked out of blockbusters for the next two weeks.

MoviePass' financial and technical problems keep getting worse. According to a Business Insider source, company chief Mitch Lowe not only told staffers that the service wouldn't offer tickets for the next two major movie releases this summer (Christopher Robin and The Meg), but hinted that this would be the policy for other movies in the near future. Some viewers couldn't order tickets for Mission: Impossible - Fallout this past weekend, for that matter. A spokesperson wouldn't directly comment on the report, but did point to an open letter from Lowe that said "certain movies may not always be available in every theater."

The decision may revolve around the cost of those tickets. MoviePass has to pay full price for each admission no matter how many screenings you attend, and that's particularly expensive when subscribers flock to major movies. It paid for more than 1.15 million Infinity War tickets, as an example. This could easily steer moviegoers away from the service, but it could also dramatically reduce costs.

This is far from MoviePass' only problem, for that matter. It's still suffering from outages that included check-in problems on July 26th and July 28th. In fact, there's an outage going on as we write this -- subscribers (including helpful reader Jeff, who provided the photo below) have seen empty movie listing pages claiming there are "no more screenings at this theater today." We've asked MoviePass for comment. Whether this is due to money troubles or technical hurdles, the increasing frequency of these outages isn't exactly confidence-inspiring.

MoviePass outage on July 30th, 2018

Image credit: Jeff