Snapchat's 'Harry Potter' Bitmoji invade the Muggle world

You're an augmented reality object, Harry.

Snap's fondness for pop culture Bitmoji now extends to the Harry Potter universe. In sync with the titular character's birthday, Snapchat now offers a 3D Harry Potter Bitmoji Lens that brings a dash of sorcery to the Muggle realm. It's not terribly complicated (your avatar flies around chasing the Golden Snitch from Quidditch), but you might appreciate the customization -- you can choose your Hogwarts House in addition to your usual appearance. If you're bent on flaunting your Ravenclaw affiliation to your friends, it should only take a few taps.

The augmented reality wizardry should be available to users worldwide through the Lens Carousel on Android and iOS. Is it a a gimmick? Probably. Still, it's easy to see the allure if you're an avid Harry Potter fan who'd rather do more on your phone than play games and watch the occasional movie.