'High Guardian Spice' is Crunchyroll's first original series

The magic-infused show will debut sometime next year.

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Seemingly every streaming service is moving into original programming and AT&T-owned Crunchyroll is next to take a swing at it. Ellation Studios (also owned by AT&T) will start producing original shows for the anime-streaming service, starting with High Guardian Spice next year. Further details will be revealed at September's Crunchyroll Expo in San Jose, according to TechCrunch, but for now we know the show is about four girls at the magical High Guardian Academy where they'll train to become defenders of the city. Sounds a little like Hogwarts. The show will have an all-female writer's room and if you want a sneak peek, check out the video embedded below.

If you're worried that Crunchyroll might go the Netflix route and flood the service with garbage, taking a shotgun approach rather than that of a scalpel, maybe you shouldn't be. The service is striving to be "everything to somebody, not something to everybody," according to Ellation studio head Margaret Dean. "Animation is a medium, not a genre... We could go deep in things. We could make great art."

So long as the network maintains tight control and curation of its original programming, that shouldn't too much of a hurdle.

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