Sony's tiny HX99 camera comes with a 30x zoom lens

You can zoom in from a long way and shoot 4K video, to boot.

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Steve Dent
August 31st, 2018
Sony HX99 HX95 compact cameras
Sony HX99 HX95 compact cameras

There are a lot of impressive superzooms out there, but Sony's new HX99 and HX95 models might the smallest. They squeeze a 30x, 24-720mm f/3.5-6 equivalent zoom into a 1.5-inch wide body, making them ideal for weight-conscious tourists. Although they pack relatively small 1/2.3-inch sensors, you get pro-level features like RAW shooting, 10 fps burst capture, optical image stabilization, eye autofocus and 4K, 30fps video.

The HX99 has a couple of features over the HX95 for shooters who want a bit more control. It comes with a lens ring adjustment for access to manual exposure settings and other advanced controls, and also has a touchscreen that lets you touch to select focus. Both cameras tip the scales at just 8.6 ounces and Sony claims they're the smallest cameras yet with lenses over 700mm. Each is also equipped with an pop-up electronic viewfinder, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC.

The new cameras show how Sony is trying to maintain compact camera sales, which are getting killed by smartphones. 4K, RAW and high-burst shooting let them at least keep up, but a 30x zoom won't be available on a smartphone any time soon. The cameras will ship in Europe starting in October at €520 for the HX99 ($610) and €500 ($590) for the HX95. Sony is also offering a €120 handle "especially for vloggers" (above) that allows shooting from different angles. There's no word yet on US availability.

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