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The Morning After: Maybe this is the new cheap iPhone

Can you wait til Wednesday?

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Mat Smith
September 10th, 2018
Reddit, BetterEveryLoop
Reddit, BetterEveryLoop

Welcome back! The major news this week is set to be Apple's big iPhone showcase on Wednesday. We're expecting new phones, a new Apple Watch and possibly more from the company's fancy new HQ -- and we'll be there to report on everything.

Nothing will make you cringe as much as your chat history.
A date with my Tinder data

Our final story from our Data Retrieval series centers on Bureau Chief Mat Smith's Tinder chat history. He reclaims the data held by the dating app and tries to piece together how he behaves on the app. Come for the cringe.

Can you wait a few days?
Cheaper 'iPhone XC' leak suggests several color options and space for dual SIMs

How about that rumored 6.1-inch, cheaper LCD iPhone? Don't worry, you're covered as well. A leak claimed to show off prototypes of the device, possibly called the iPhone XC, reveals a similar design to last year's iPhone 8, but with a selection of colors we haven't seen since the heyday of the iPhone 5c.

Yay to the handling and lenses.Three days with Canon's EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera

Last week, Canon unveiled the full-frame mirrorless EOS R. On paper, it had a lot going for it, like an all-new mount that will allow for superior lens designs, excellent handling and a much-improved Dual Pixel autofocus system. But specs are specs, and Steve Dent spent a good three days feeling out the new -- and crucial -- full-frame camera. He believes there's a lot to like, but it's not quite the perfect camera he was hoping for.

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