Amazon's Alexa 'whisper mode' starts rolling out today

The smart assistant will respond in kind to your whispered commands.

One of the new features introduced at last month's Amazon hardware event was the ability to whisper to your Amazon Echo device -- and have Alexa whisper back to you. Amazon confirmed to Engadget that this feature, called "whisper mode," is now rolling out to US users.

Whisper mode will likely be most useful around children, whether it's to get the kids in the mindset that it's bedtime and they should be quiet, or to avoid waking a sleeping child. Users can whisper normal Alexa commands and the smart assistant will whisper right back to you.

The idea behind this feature is training Alexa to recognize conversational cues. For example, if you were having a conversation with someone and lowered your voice to a whisper, the person would naturally respond in-kind. This kind of feature will make Alexa seem more natural in Amazon's view.