Tesla's Model 3 Key Fob arrives without 'passive entry' feature

The $150 device is available on the EV-maker's website.

We knew a Tesla Model 3 key fob was coming thanks to an FCC application, now it's available to buy via the EV-maker's website for $150. Or at least it was -- the sleek, black clicker emblazoned with the Tesla logo has already sold out. But, as Electrek notes, the miniature device comes with a huge catch: it doesn't have "passive entry." That's the ability to unlock the vehicle by simply approaching it with the key on you. It's an odd omission considering why it came to be in the first place.

About that: Until now, Model 3 owners have relied on their phones and Tesla key cards as the only ways to unlock their cars. Earlier this year, some owners began requesting a key fob as an alternative entry method akin to what's already available on the Model S and X. It turned out not everyone was pleased with the Bluetooth low-energy smartphone link unlocking option, with some Android users complaining of issues. The key fob was supposed to solve that, but without passive entry only the biggest haters of the old system will likely opt for it.

In terms of controls, you press the key fob once to lock your Model 3, twice to unlock, press twice on the front or rear trunk to open, and long press on the rear trunk to open the charge port. The device comes in a gift box also carrying the Tesla Model 3 branding. There's no word on when it will be back in stock, so you'll just have to keep checking the site.