Firefox experiment helps you get the best shopping deals

Another test feature will simplify sending links to your email address.

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The Firefox Test Pilot team has rolled out a couple of new experimental features, one of which can help make this year's holiday shopping a bit easier on your wallet. It's called Price Wise, and it's an online shopping comparison tool that lets you add items from across several retailers to a Price Watcher list. Anytime one of your items gets a price drop, it'll send you a desktop notification -- just click on that item from within the tool itself to visit the retailer's product page.

At the moment, Price Wise is only available in the US and can only add listingg from Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Walmart and The Home Depot, since those are among the top 10 retailers Firefox users visit. Mozilla plans to add more sources in the future, though.

The Test Pilot team has also introduced a feature called Email Tabs, which gives you a way to easily compile and send the links of all the open tabs in your browser to an email address. Mozilla says most people still prefer emailing links to themselves instead of bookmarking them, and this new tool will simplify the process.

Simply click the new Email Tabs icon, and Firefox will ask you for your preferred email template. You can choose to send links with screenshots, links with full articles or links only for each open tab to your Gmail address. The feature only works with Gmail for now, but that likely won't be the case by the time the tool is ready for a wider release.

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