'Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled' revives a classic on June 21st, 2019

Never have bandicoot motorsports looked so good.

What, did you think that Activision would stop at remastering the first three Crash Bandicoot games? True to the teasers, Activision and Beenox have revealed Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The overhaul of Naughty Dog's marsupial karting classic includes all the familiar characters, tracks and game modes of the PlayStation original (including Battle Mode), but throws in massively improved graphics and, naturally, online play.

The Crash Team Racing re-do arrives on June 21st, 2019 for PS4, Switch and Xbox One. The ordinary version will cost you $40, but hardcore racers can pick up a $60 Nitrous Oxide Edition that unlocks its namesake racer from the outset in addition to throwing in Oxide's kart and space-themed player skins. You can still unlock Oxide and his kart in the regular version -- it'll just require considerably more work.