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Tesla's in-car trip planning tool is available on the web

Map that cross-country trek from the comfort of home.

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Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

To date, using Tesla's trip planning tool has meant sitting inside your electric car while you map a route that takes you past charging stations. That doesn't make much sense if you're gearing up for vacation, does it? There's now a better way: Tesla has launched a web version of its trip planner to use while you're still sitting at your desk. It's not as fleshed out as the in-car version, but it can tell you where you'll need to charge and how long you need to drive based on both the route and the particular Tesla you're driving. You could see fewer stops with a Model S P100D than you would with a Model X 75D, for instance.

Convenience is clearly the main goal for the web planner, but it's also helpful if you're a prospective buyer. You can tell whether or not it's practical to drive to your favorite destination without having to search the internet for charging maps and unofficial guides. Tesla is no doubt hoping that you'll pull the trigger on an EV if you discover that range isn't an issue.

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