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Nintendo set to sell neon 'Splatoon' Joy-Con controllers in the US

Previously available in the US only as a console bundle with ‘Splatoon 2.’
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
01.05.18 in AV

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Love the Nintendo Switch controllers but tired of only having them in gray? The company will broaden the Joy-Con color palette in the US market when it releases them in neon pink and neon green later this month. While these hues have been out in Europe and Japan for awhile, they were previously available in America only as part of a Walmart-exclusive Splatoon 2 console bundle that launched last summer.

Interesting trivia, as pointed out by Polygon: The US Joy-Cons pictured above have their colors flipped compared to the international and original Splatoon 2 bundle, though that could be the result of a mirrored image. If not, then novelty may soothe the wounds of the color scheme's delayed release in the US. Nintendo hasn't announced how much the neon pink and green controllers will cost (a standard set is priced at $80), nor whether they'll come in a pair as the image Nintendo tweeted suggests.

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