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Electrameccanica's Solo is a single-seat EV commuter car

Legally drive in HOV lanes all by your lonesome.

If you're looking for an electric vehicle but don't need the extra seats (or long delivery times) that a full-sized Tesla Model 3 demands, you could always take a shot with the Solo. This electric vehicle from Canadian startup ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp, boasts a 100 mile range and a $15,500 price tag.

The Solo is designed specifically for the urban commuting crowd. In addition to the 100-mile range, the Solo cna hit 85 MPH, making it legal to drive on highways. What's more, since its fully-electric, the car qualifies for HOV lane access in number of states.

The lithium ion battery pack requires a 6-hour charge on 110V to hit full capacity -- half that with 220V. It's modest interior offers basic amenities like a heated seat and radio, though it does boast a surprising amount of cargo space with a storage nook behind the driver and a carry-on luggage size compartment in the vehicle's front boot.

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ElectraMeccanica is asking $15,500 for the Solo, though qualifying state tax credits can drop the MSRP by up to $5,000. Interested buyers can put down a refundable $250 deposit and the company expects to begin shipping Solos out to those reservations by the end of 2018.

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