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Watch your Canary camera feeds on Echo Spot, Echo Show and Fire TV

Home security livestreams at your (voice) command.

Canary introduced a livestream-ready browser interface for its home cameras last August, but now you can command them with your voice, too. The platform now has its own Amazon Alexa skill, permitting users to give directions and watch live streams through the Alexa app on certain devices.

The skill currently works only on the Echo Show, Echo Spot and compatible Fire TVs. To start, users pop open the Alexa app on their device and search for Canary under the skills tab. Once they sign in with their Canary credentials, they can use the app to flip through the different views in their camera setup. Then users can give voice commands, like "Alexa, show the Front Door" -- though cameras set to private won't be able to stream through the Alexa app.

It's supported on Canary's All-in-One or View devices running firmware at v3.0.0 or higher, or Canary Flex running v2.3.0 or higher.

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