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Oculus Rift headsets are offline following a software error

There's no word on when a fix will be available.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

This morning, people around the world couldn't use their Oculus Rift VR headsets. System software couldn't "reach Oculus Runtime Service" according to error messages posted to the Oculus forums, spotted by Polygon. One possible explanation is that an Oculus security certificate expired today. The company took to the bulletin board to offer a bit of an update.

"We are aware of and actively investigating an issue impacting ability to access Rift software," the post says. "Our teams apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you and appreciate your patience while we work on a resolution. We'll share more updates here as we have them. Thanks."

Rebooting the Oculus software, or the PC it's running on doesn't seem to be working at the time. So, if you had plans to spend your day jacked into the matrix, it sounds like you'll need to readjust until a fix is available. We've reached out to Oculus for more information and will update this post should it arrive.

Update, 3/7/18, 4:45PM ET: As some thought, the issue plaguing the Rift has to do with a security certificate, but there's still no ETA on a fix. "This is an issue with our software certification that we're still actively working on," The update reads. "For security, we use a certificate to ensure that the software you receive actually comes from Oculus. That certificate has expired, and we're looking at a few different ways to resolve the issue. We'll update you with the latest info as available. We recommend you wait until we provide an official fix. Thanks for your patience."

Update 2: Another note on the post mentions that Oculus is "in the process" of integrating an updated cert, but the expired one is causing some issues with its usual software update path.

Hey everyone - We're still working hard to resolve the cert issue. We're in the process of integrating an updated cert. Unfortunately, pushing the update out to affected users has some added complexity, as the expired cert blocks our standard software update path. We're working through the options now, and we expect to have more details to share later this evening.

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