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Kickstarter Patron aims to generate larger pledges for creators

Patrons will be required to make multiple $1,000 pledges.

Kickstarter is piloting a program that will match up companies, organizations and institutions with projects that need more substantial funding, TechCrunch reports. It's called Kickstarter Patrons and the nonprofit and for-profit groups selected to take part will be required to provide multiple pledges each worth $1,000 or more. Kickstarter will select the Patrons and direct them towards projects that align with their interests. "While the program is simple, the opportunity to help independent creators hit their funding goals while building relationships with major institutions that can continue to follow and support their career is profound," Kickstarter said.

This program comes a few months after Kickstarter relaunched Drip, its Patreon-like subscription crowdfunding platform. At launch, two groups are on board -- American Documentary (AmDoc) and Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Both have Patron profiles on Kickstarter and AmDoc's says it has $100,000 to put towards creator projects while Pinewood Atlanta Studios has $10,000.

AmDoc, a nonprofit, is working with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to provide funding and is looking to support projects from creators in the 26 communities the Knight Foundation regularly supports. Pinewood Atlanta Studios has a 700-acre studio facility in Georgia and its Patron fund will require projects to include at least one woman filmmaker living in Georgia.

Kickstarter will pilot the program over the next year.

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