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'PUBG' developer considers region locking for smoother gameplay

And it's introduced a bunch of new weapon skins.

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PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds

PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds came out of beta last December, and earlier this month creator Brendan Greene promised a much slicker game going forward. It's no secret the game has suffered from hacking problems in its short lifespan, so now the team -- despite earlier rebuttals -- says it's considering region locking after all.

In an update post on Steam Community, PUBG says that by operating servers so that only those players residing inside that region can connect and play, it aims to "provide a better gameplay experience as it will improve network issues and help with linguistic barriers." The team is going to run a limited test before making any global decisions, though.

The update also announces the arrival of weapon skins, which can be acquired through the new weekly random paid "Triumph Crate" (with a drop rate of 20 percent), or the free non-random "Raider Crate" (with a drop rate of 100 percent). The team has also fixed a number of bugs, including refresh issues on friends lists, glitches with vehicle entry and exit when near a building, and the most maddening of all, being run over when exiting a slow moving vehicle.

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