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Survival game 'Don't Starve' hits Nintendo Switch April 12th

It comes with the 'Reign of Giants' DLC and 'Shipwrecked' spin-off, too.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
04.05.18 in AV

Klei's Don't Starve has been a hit ever since it came out for PC in 2013. It's since appeared on the PS4 (as well as the PS3 and Vita), iOS and Android, and continues to thrill with various DLC ("Reign of Giants") and spin-offs (Shipwrecked, Don't Starve Together). You'll now have a good reason to buy the game yet again as it's headed to the Nintendo Switch's eShop on April 12th. The new version will include both "Reign of Giants" and Shipwrecked along with the original game.

To celebrate the release of the popular game on an even more popular console, the Vancouver-based games studio has released a Chester Fetch snapchat filter so you can take the cute little companion monster out with you on the go. While I may forgo the Chester filter (no, I probably won't), I do know that I will be ready next week to download Don't Starve to my Switch, even though I have it on most of the other platforms, too. It's just how I roll; don't judge.

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