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Image credit: FedEx / PlugPower / Workhorse

FedEx adds a hydrogen fuel cell van to its fleet

It'll run routes in Upstate New York.

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FedEx / PlugPower / Workhorse

Cars are bad for us in pretty much every respect, especially since fossil fuel use contributes around 65 percent of all climate-changing emissions. Since delivery companies zoom around our neighborhoods with diesel-belching vans every day, package vans need to get clean, and fast. It's why FedEx is making a big deal that it's just taken delivery of its first hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle.

The van has been built in partnership between Workhorse Group and Plug Power, and uses a hydrogen engine. The ride is in service at FedEx's facility in Menands NY, and runs a standard delivery route for the logistics outfit. According to the companies involved, the whip can cover 160 miles per "delivery cycle," after which it heads back to a hydrogen charging station in Latham.

FedEx's new super-green van has already racked up more than 3,000 test-miles, and the company is hoping it'll clock 27,000 miles in its first six months. It's another component of the green vehicle puzzle that companies like FedEx are trying to solve, with the company also investing in electric semi trucks. FedEx has ordered 20 Tesla Semis, which will be distributed around its freight department when they arrive.

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