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UK Amazon Prime members can order a Volvo test-drive

If you wanted to check out the V40 hatchback for 45 minutes, now's your chance.

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The slice of Amazon Prime's 100 million members that live in the UK now have a new perk: Using Prime Now to order a test drive of Volvo's V40 hatchback. Simply pick a date and a specialist will deliver the vehicle to your door for you to try out for 45 minutes, free of charge, on select weekends in June and July.

Only residents in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh can charter a free test drive, and only for the V40 model, so it might end up being just a promotional stunt rather than a recurring feature for the service. Hopefully a similar deal will extend over the Atlantic to take the sting off Amazon's newly-increased $119 Prime sticker price for US members.

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