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The Morning After: Apple's WWDC starts today!

Oh and Computex just kicked off too!

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Good morning there! Apple's big developer showcase starts later today. We're there, and we'll be liveblogging along with it right here. We also handle RED's first smartphone, argue that the major camera companies have a problem and bid adieu to Square Enix's well-regarded Go games.

Founder Jim Jannard built the smartphone he wanted to see in the world.
A closer look at RED's audacious Hydrogen One phone

Sometimes, you just want to see someone do something brave and crazy with the smartphone. While we didn't get to show off that holographic screen, we did get to handle the RED Hydrogen One and talk to the company's founder.

Sony's entry-level A7 III put its rivals in a bind.
Can Nikon and Canon ever catch up with Sony's mirrorless cameras?

Talking of cameras, when will Canon and Nikon catch up with Sony's mirrorless family? Maybe soon, maybe not at all.

People aren't willing to pay in the 'Fortnite' era.

Square Enix has stopped working on 'Go' mobile games

Square Enix's Go series was a textbook example of how to make good mobile games: a truly mobile-friendly experience with familiar gaming properties like Hitman and Tomb Raider. Alas, while Hitman Go, Lara Croft Go and Deus Ex Go had strong reviews and "great revenue," only a small number of people played them. Square Enix Montreal head Patrick Naud said in an interview that his studio has stopped working on the Go series, citing too many genuinely high-quality free games. People simply weren't paying for the studio's mobile games.

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