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Joseph Gordon-Levitt wants to put your art in 'Beyond Good and Evil 2'

Collaborate with other creators HitRecord's site to make art for the game.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
06.11.18 in AV

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From the moment a jazzy panda leading a marching band opened up Ubisoft's E3 stage, it was clear this would be a much livelier presentation than we've seen over the last few days. But after the gorgeous new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2 rolled, nobody was expecting the studio's leads to introduce...Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Ubisoft is partnering with his online creative community HitRecord to crowdsource a bunch of fan-made content that may end up in the game -- and you can jump on the collaboration's website to start creating now.

Like other 'challenges' on HitRecord's site, the Beyond Good and Evil 2 campaign will have opportunities for creators of all stripes -- artists, writers, musicians and more -- to collaborate with each other on assets that could make it into the game. And, like other HitRecord projects, if your art is picked, you get paid and credited. The game's team will showcase some of this fan-created content at BGE Fest, the game's first community event happening in Montpellier, France this fall.

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