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Google search makes it easier to find your dream college

This includes the ones you can actually afford.

The college you choose could easily affect the rest of your life, but there aren't many tools to give you a feel for what a school will really be like, including whether or not you can afford it in the first place. Google might just help. It's introducing a college search feature that pops up detailed information about four-year US colleges (such as Spelman, UCLA or Yale) to help you decide. You'll have access to valuable info like the average cost after student aid, the annual income 10 years after enrollment, admissions and hard-to-quantify aspects like student life.

The search feature draws on Department of Education data as well as help from education researchers, counselors, admissions pros and non-profits.

You can use the search feature right now on both desktop and mobile. The timing is somewhat awkward if you were hoping to use it for college this fall (there are many schools that stopped taking applications months ago), but it's worth keeping in mind if you're in the hunt and want the maximum return for your education dollar.

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