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Sony's $999 Xperia XZ2 Premium pre-order includes $279 earbuds

If you can stomach spending a grand.

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Phone makers are increasingly sweetening the pot for pre-order buyers (just ask the Canadians who got a free 4K TV with their LG G7s), and Sony doesn't want to be left out of that trend. It just launched Xperia XZ2 Premium pre-orders in the US, and early customers are getting a promised pair of Xperia Ear Duo earbuds. That's $279 worth of wireless audio. You'll still have to stomach the idea of spending $999 on a smartphone, of course, but this makes the price easier to swallow if you were already looking for an earbud upgrade.

The smartphone reaches the US on July 30th. As before, the Premium revolves around its 4K HDR display -- you can capture and play videos with the same quality you'd expect to see on a nice TV. You can also count on 6GB of RAM and a dual camera that promises better low-light photography than you'd get from the regular XZ2. Otherwise, you're getting familiar XZ2 features like the Snapdragon 845 chip and 960FPS slow-motion 1080p video. This won't sway you if you're content with a lower resolution screen and run-of-the-mill video recording. If you want HDR everything or prefer Sony's take on Android, however, you might want to give this a closer look.

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