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Twitch Creator Camp teaches the fundamentals of livestreaming

Learn how to make a living from your broadcasts.

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Alex Kormann/Charlotte Observer/TNS via Getty Images

It's easy to start streaming on a service like Twitch, but there's a ton of work involved in creating a production that will reel in the viewers, whether it's mastering your audio and lighting setups or fostering a community. Where do you turn for guidance? Twitch itself might just help. It's launching a Creator Camp that promises to teach the "ins and outs" of broadcasting through both live and on-demand help. It'll include education on the basics (such as creating a channel page and becoming comfortable on camera) as well as more advanced topics like interacting with your community, building your brand and, of course, making money through subscriptions, merch and sponsorships.

The Camp's first live show starts on July 31st at 5PM Eastern, when a handful of partnered Twitch streamers will answer questions. You'll also have access to on-demand videos from successful streamers and a calendar of future events if you're looking for more advice.

There's a strong financial incentive for Twitch to offer this helping hand: the more people improve the quality of their broadcasts and make careers out of livestreaming, the more likely viewers are to stay tuned in. Even so, there's no question that this could be genuinely helpful. Livestreaming is still a relatively arcane field with concepts like overlays, channel bots and Discord chats. Although this won't guarantee Ninja-level fame and fortune by any stretch, it might encourage you to stream on a regular basis if you were previously too nervous.

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