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Snapchat taps power users to explain the app to advertisers

Or appear in ads themselves.

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Getty Images for HBO

In a bid to increase advertiser spend, Snapchat is partnering businesses with its platform's best content makers. The pilot program, titled 'Snapchat Storytellers,' will link companies with five popular creators, including Mplatco, Cyrene Q and Shonduras. They'll either appear in ads or lend their wisdom to brands seeking insight for their creative campaigns, and get paid for doing so.

The creators can make tens of thousands of dollars per deal, which isn't a surprise for creative consulting, according to TechCrunch. But Snapchat supposedly isn't taking a cut from the agreements, which is an interesting move given its lower-than-expected revenue in a recent quarterly report. Apparently forging a stronger relationship between the platform's power users and businesses is too important to Snap's strategic plan to interrupt.

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