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Some Dropbox users are getting an extra 1TB for free

Professional and Business Standard users are getting the storage increase.
Thomas White / Reuters

Dropbox Professional and Business Standard users have more storage to play with starting today, as the company is bumping up the capacity on each plan by 1TB. Professional users now have double the space with 2TB, and Business Standard teams will share 3TB between their members.

It's a useful increase for those who use Dropbox on a more-than-casual basis, especially if they have large video files to share. New users will have the increased storage capacity when they sign up, while existing users will get the upgrade over the next few weeks. The Professional plan costs $20/month (or $199/year), with more features than the $10/month Plus plan, while Business Standard runs $12.50/user/month with a minimum of three people per team.

However, Plus users are not getting an increase on their 1TB limit at the minute, despite more aggressive pricing from Google, which announced the One program in May. Google is offering 2TB for $10/month, including family sharing with private storage for up to six members.

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