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Lyft's personal subscription locks in the cost of your favorite trip

If you often visit the same place, it could save you serious cash.

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Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Lyft

Lyft has been trying out an All-Access subscription that lets you ride on a frequent basis for one flat fee, but it's overkill for many people. What if you mainly tend to take one route every time? There's now an option for you -- Lyft has unveiled a Personal Plan that locks in your fare for a favorite route as long as it would normally cost $25 or less. If you sometimes need a ride to work or the gym, you won't have to worry about Prime Time spikes (aka surge pricing) making it inordinately expensive.

The feature is available across the US starting today, and there's no long-term commitment. You can invoke the Personal Plan only for busy months, in other words. The monthly rate varies -- we saw an example of $8 per month, that's not necessarily what you'll pay.

This is only really a bargain if you're a creature of habit who makes several trips to the same place each and every month, but can't use a carpooling option like Lyft Line. It's still more affordable than the $200 or more that some Lyft customers were seeing in the All-Access test, though. And it certainly makes sense for the company -- this could give it a steadier source of income from passengers who might otherwise skip rides or look to alternative transportation options.

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