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Logitech's wireless G Pro mouse is built for esports

It's also updating its wired G Pro mouse with cutting-edge sensor tech.

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Wireless gaming mice are anathema to esports pros for a reason -- when you're that skilled, even a modest amount of lag can throw you off. Logitech is betting that it can fulfill their dreams, though. It's launching a wireless version of its G Pro mouse that was designed for (and with the help of) competitive gamers. It draws on both Logitech's increasingly familiar Lightspeed tech for near-zero lag and supports PowerPlay wireless charging, but it also touts the company's high-precision 16,000DPI sensor and a 2.8oz weight that makes it easier to flick around in the heat of a tournament.

Naturally, it's customizable. You can swap the left and right side buttons if you're a lefty, and you can tune the RGB lighting to coordinate with your team or your gaming rig. When you do need to plug in, there's a low-friction cable that shouldn't get in your way.

The G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse won't be a trivial purchase when it ships later in August for $150, and that's before the optional PowerPlay system. You won't be stuck going wireless if you want Logitech's latest esports-ready peripheral, though. The company is also introducing an upgraded G Pro wired mouse that includes both the updated 16,000DPI sensor and low-friction cable for an easier-to-swallow $70.

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