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Samsung’s $1,800 Odyssey Z gaming laptop is on sale in the US

It features a slim design and an advanced cooling system.

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Samsung's Notebook Odyssey Z gaming laptop is now available in the US. The laptop, which features a slim design, a keyboard pushed to the lower portion of the tray and a right-side touchpad, comes in just one configuration that includes a 15.6-inch display, an Intel i7 hexa-core processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD.

"Today's games are more intense, immersive and graphic-rich than ever before, and gamers need technology built specifically for them," Alanna Cotton, general manager of mobile computing and enhancements at Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement. "The Notebook Odyssey Z was engineered to enhance the gaming experience wherever you are -- take it anywhere, play without overheating and use it for the most intense games and projects."

To make sure it doesn't overheat, the laptop is built with the Z AeroFlow Cooling System, which uses dual internal fans to keep everything cool from above and below. There's also a silent mode so you can turn down the fans if you're gaming in public.

The Notebook Odyssey Z is available through Amazon, Microsoft Store and It's priced at $1,800.

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