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Image credit: Mat Smith / Engadget

Snapchat's filters can now recognize your cat

It's time for some cat selfies.
Mat Smith / Engadget

What do you do after you lose three million daily users in three months? You start focusing on people's pets. Snapchat filters can now recognize your cat. You can insert your moody feline companion into a slice of bread, put fancy eyeglasses on them and more.

Cats aren't the first pets that Snapchat's filters can recognize. Last year, the company introduced object recognition, including food and sports equipment, to help customize filters based on what things were in the picture being taken. This recognition extended to certain dog breeds. Now, the company is finally giving cats their due.

It's a good move; after all, these types of photos are hilarious and eminently shareable. But will features like cat selfies stop, or at least slow down, Snap's user hemorrhage? Only time will tell.

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