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Hive takes its classy Home View security camera outdoors

The $200 snapper is easy on the eye to boot.

Stylish isn't the first word that springs to mind when you think of connected security cameras. But Hive is striving to change that by adopting the style and substance route pioneered by Alphabet's Nest. The UK-based smart home company's latest device is the Hive View outdoor camera -- a twin to its eye-catching indoor snapper -- that continues its collaborative streak with serial consultant Yves Béhar.

Aping its older sibling's design language, the Hive View is also a dinky, cuboid device (only this time it's supposed to sit discretely outside your home, rather than inside). A magnetic mount lets you attach it to the wall and manoeuvre its 130-degree wide-angle lens for the view that suits you best. Fire it up for a rolling 1080p live video feed to the Hive mobile app, which you can store for up to 24 hours for free, with support for 30-day storage in the pipeline for paying subscribers.

The camera will also automatically start recording if its detection feature spots a person, motion or sound. You can then talk to the visitor, or scare away unwelcome guests, using the two-way audio function -- even if you're not at home. These manually adjustable sensors will ping your smartphone with thumbnail image notifications once recording starts. It's all thanks to the camera's dedicated video chip, another trick borrowed from its indoor counterpart.

Rounding out the features is automatic night-vision and an IP66 rating (meaning it can withstand dust, rain and other weather conditions). And, as with the indoor camera, you can link it up with other Hive products -- like smart lights, for example, to make it look like someone's home.

The Hive View outdoor is available to pre-order now from Hive and Amazon for $199.99 and will ship in early December.

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