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Lenovo agrees license with Sony after practically copying PSVR design

They signed a two-year patent licensing agreement.

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Lenovo's Mirage Solo Engadget

Sony has signed a two-year patent licensing agreement that allows Lenovo to use the PSVR design for its Mirage Solo VR headset. Some virtual reality enthusiasts might have expected that from the moment Lenovo launched its standalone Daydream device. While Mirage Solo is self-contained and the PSVR isn't, it does look very similar to the latter. Most notably, it features a headband almost identical to the PSVR's, including its characteristic cap-like portion that's supposed to rest against the user's forehead for optimal weight distribution.

The companies didn't disclose the deal's finer details, but Lenovo most likely had to pay up. Riley Russell's words are very telling: Sony's Chief Legal Officer said the PSVR's design is the product of "years of hard work by PlayStation engineers" and called the deal a testament to its quality. It'll be interesting to see if Lenovo releases a new headset with a different design before Sony revisits the terms of the agreement in a couple of years. For now, the two companies seem to be playing nice.

Yao Li, Lenovo Consumer Tablets and Smart Devices Product and Business Management VP, said in a statement:

"Lenovo is pleased to partner with Sony. The preeminence of the PS VR design is obvious. This agreement will allow us to work together to greatly enhance the design sophistication and appeal of the rapidly expanding VR field, and is an outstanding example of how great consumer brands in the VR industry can work together to benefit the consumer VR market."


Image: Sony PSVR (Engadget)

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