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Image credit: Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Google's Pixel Slate is available to pre-order

It ships from Google and Best Buy in late November.

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Cherlynn Low/Engadget

Google has been coy about just when you could get your hands on a Pixel Slate, but it's ending that mystery today. Both Google and Best Buy have made the Chrome OS tablet available for pre-order, with the device reaching your door within two to three weeks if you 're an early adopter. You won't see the vaunted $599 entry model with a Celeron chip at Best Buy, but everything else is the same. There's a $799 model that packs a Core m3 processor and 64GB of storage, a $999 Core i5/128GB model and a flagship $1,599 Core i7/256GB version.

You can also pre-order the near-obligatory keyboard ($199) and blue Pixelbook Pen ($99).

The timing is cutting things close (and comes well after the releases of the Pixel 3 and Home Hub), but it makes sense. American Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching, and Google will likely want the Pixel Slate as an option for both holiday shoppers and eager enthusiasts.

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