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Nike+ Run Club update enlists Siri as your exercise motivator

It includes features for iPhones and Apple Watches.
S3studio via Getty Images

Nike has updated its iOS Run Club app to add a couple of features encouraging you to run more. The app's latest version features Siri Suggestions integration, which means your iOS Spotlights will urge you to put on your running shoes based on your previous activities. If you typically run an hour or so before heading to work, for instance, you'll start seeing the Nike+ Run Club app as an app suggestion every morning, making it harder to skip when you don't really have a legit reason.

In addition, the update adds a couple of complications you can use with the Apple Watch Infograph face. One of them launches the app, while the other shows the total distance you've run for the month. Some people could use the latter to their advantage, such as to challenge themselves to be even more active and to beat their best record yet.

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