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The Morning After: Air purifier and headphones together at last?

One can dream.

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Welcome back! This Monday, we're preparing ourselves to reinstall Overwatch, boggling our minds over China's Alibaba sales and imagining some new headphones that could double as an air purifier.

It will bring some pretty substantial back-end changes to the game.You'll have to reinstall 'Overwatch' to get its next big update

Blizzard's next patch for its online hit Overwatch is so enormous, it's not even a patch any more. A company rep posted a warning on its forum, telling players to prepare for a massive rollout that will force the client to fully reinstall itself. The rep said the patch will bring some pretty substantial back-end changes to Overwatch, and Blizzard couldn't find a way to get it to install over the current version of the game. Oh, and it will likely include new gunslinging character Ashe, we hope.

Prosecutors want to know if there's audio evidence.
Judge tells Amazon to provide Echo recordings in double-homicide trial

A New Hampshire judge has ordered Amazon to provide recordings from an Echo speaker for three days in late January 2017 to aid investigations in a double-homicide case. Timothy Verrill has been charged with murdering Christine Sullivan and Jenna Pellegrini at the home of Sullivan's boyfriend Dean Smoronk. The court decided there was probable cause to believe the speaker might have captured audio of the murders.

Amazon didn't acknowledge the presence of any recordings, adding that it wouldn't provide customer data unless there was a "valid and binding legal demand properly served on us."

The likelihood of unearthing a recording that will help the case isn't high. Like many smart speakers, the Echo only captures audio when someone uses the speaker's hotword (typically "Alexa".)

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It expanded the scope of private spaceflight.
Rocket Lab completes its first commercial launch

Rocket Lab has finally completed its first commercial mission, successfully launching its Electron rocket into orbit, and it's carrying six small satellites, including five cubesats as well as a small weather satellite. The mission was meant to launch back in April, but Rocket Lab pushed it back to June after discovering a motor-controller fault in a first-stage engine. It delayed the launch again after the fault reemerged and decided to alter the controller's design to provide a more substantial fix.

While this is only Rocket Lab's third orbital flight, the company plans to step up the pace. It already has another flight scheduled for December, when it will carry a bundle of cubesats from NASA's 19th Educational Launch of Nanosatellites.

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