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Alexa will pepper you with questions to build better playlists

Users will also be able to tell Alexa when they like or dislike a song.

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Amazon is rolling out a few tweaks to Alexa that will make it easier to find the music you want to hear. By telling Alexa what you like and don't like and by conversing with Amazon's assistant about what you enjoy listening to, Alexa will be able to create more personalized suggestions and playback even when you just say, "Alexa, play music."

If you're looking for Alexa to offer some suggestions for playlists that are tailored to you and what you want, the virtual assistant will now be able to talk to you about what you're looking for. When you say something like, "Alexa, help me find a holiday playlist," or "Alexa, help me find dinner music," Alexa will respond with a few questions to help get a better grasp on what genre, tempo or mood you're hoping to incorporate. Alexa will then customize playback based on how you responded and your past listening history.

Additionally, when music is playing, Alexa users can now say that they like or dislike the current song, album, playlist or station and Alexa will take those comments into consideration going forward. Alexa will also turn to your most listened to tracks when selecting music for you to hear, and commands like, "Alexa, play music I like," will bring up tunes you've listened to a lot or have liked in the past.

Alexa will also take these new features into account in order to construct more personalized responses when users say, "Alexa, play music."

Amazon also announced today that it will begin crowdsourcing answers for Alexa, and this is just the latest update to Alexa aimed at making the Amazon Music experience more personalized. Earlier this year, Amazon began allowing Alexa users to follow artists on Amazon Music, to ask the assistant to play songs they can't remember the title of or haven't listened to in a while and to have Alexa add songs to playlists or create new ones. Soon, customers will also be able to ask Alexa to recommend new music, which the assistant will do based on listening history and by asking questions.

These new features are available for Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited customers in the US and work with Echo devices and the Amazon Music app.

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