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Google Assistant will warn you when it predicts flight delays

You'll know to bring some extra reading material.

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Google has predicted flight delays for a while, but only if you've searched for a flight yourself. Wouldn't it be better if it warned you before you packed your bags? It will soon. In addition to bringing delay predictions to Assistant, Google is rolling out proactive warnings over the next few weeks. If your post-holidays return trip is likely to start late, Assistant will both let you know and provide a reason if one is available. You'll know to grab an extra book or TV episode for that longer wait at your gate.

This is a seemingly simple addition, but it's arguably crucial. Much like the alerts you receive when you have an upcoming bill or need to leave for a meeting, it's surfacing info at a relevant time to help you make informed decisions. It also helps Google (Android in particular) stand out among internet rivals that don't necessarily have its tight integration between AI, search and mobile apps.

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