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The Morning After: An 'Elder Scrolls' cookbook

And bomb disposal bots that can feel, with haptics.
Signing with Robert

Good morning! We hope you got the gifts you were hoping for. What did you miss? Well, the UK military's latest robots have haptic feedback, we get a deep-dive on a long-lost NES port of SimCity and an Elder Scrolls cookbook surfaces.

The major OS upgrade popped up earlier than promised.
Samsung is serving Galaxy S9 owners Android Pie for Christmas

Samsung has started rolling out Android Pie for Galaxy S9 and S9+ devices earlier than it said it would. The tech giant was originally planning to release the major OS upgrade in January, but it's apparently appearing early in places. And, yes, it's the stable version of the mobile platform that's making its way to people, even non-beta users whose devices are still running Android Oreo. Based on some Reddit posts, it looks like Samsung has started the rollout in Europe and some parts of Asia: users from Italy, Switzerland, Greece and the UAE reported getting the new OS on their phones.

Their operators will be able to feel what they feel.
UK military's bomb disposal robots come with haptic feedback

The British Army has received four cutting-edge robots that, unlike other bomb disposal machines, come with "advanced haptic feedback" that allows their operators to feel what their mechanical arm holds or touches through a remote-control hand grip.

It's a fascinating bite of video game history.
Dive into the long lost SimCity NES port that never was

SimCity on the SNES managed to combine the joy of simulated city building that Mac and Amiga gamers enjoyed into a family-friendly console title that anyone could play. But did you know Maxis and Nintendo also had an NES version in the works, too?

Last year, two prototype cartridges of the NES SimCity appeared at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and Frank Cifaldi of the Video Game History Foundation snagged a digital copy. As a fitting Christmas gift to the gaming world, he published a deep dive into the history of the long lost game.

How do you like your sweetrolls?
'Elder Scrolls' cookbook will let you explore the foods of Tamriel

You've fought your way through Skyrim and Oblivion, soon you can eat your way through the continent of Tamriel. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the author behind the official Game of Thrones and Warcraft cookbooks, is tackling the Elder Scrolls series next with a new book due in March,

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