Sling TV rolls out improved UI features on Apple TV

The changes are aimed at making it easier to find what you want to watch.

Apple TV users are getting some new Sling TV features that will make it easier to find and watch shows. Sling said the updates are geared towards being more "content-centric" and they include changes to the main guide, content information views and remote capabilities.

First, the grid guide will now show you more information when you select a listing. The top of the screen will feature a photo preview as well as a description of that listing, and the listings themselves will be larger. Additionally, channel category filters will be accessible from the left side of the screen. Secondly, when you select a show, the series' information view will now include images as well as information about other seasons that you can watch on Sling.

Sling TV Apple TV UI Updates

Sling is also making it simpler to manage your shows. The "My Channels" ribbon will feature an edit button right at the beginning as will the "Continue Watching" ribbon, and the "Recordings" ribbon will have a feature that lets you view all of your recordings with one tap. Further, when you're scrolling through rows of content, those rows will loop you back to the beginning once you've reached the end, so you won't have to scroll all the way back to the start yourself.

Sling is also adding remote capabilities for Apple TV users. You'll now be able to use the remote touchpad to get information about what you're watching, have more control over how far you're rewinding or fast-forwarding and see if the program you're streaming includes player controls.

The company said that the Apple TV user interface updates were based on customer feedback. It added that these features will be available on other Sling TV devices sometime in the future.

Image: Sling