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Amazon Echo Plus owners: Tell us what you think!

Are you using the Plus just as a speaker or as a smart home hub, too?

Amazon Echo Plus owners: Tell us what you think!
Amber Bouman
Amber Bouman|@dameright|January 3, 2019 10:00 AM

When we reviewed Amazon's updated Echo Plus, we concluded that the $120 device was a solid improvement with "some noticeable thump" and "crisper and more detailed" music tracks. But as a gadget that doubles as a smart home hub, it's less impressive. In particular, we were disappointed by the lack of support for Z-Wave or Lutron Clear Connect protocols, especially since the control over smart devices like the Hue bulbs felt basic and underwhelming for a smart home hub. While the audio and the price caught our attention, we ultimately didn't feel it was a necessary upgrade over the first-gen Echo.

But that's just our take -- now we'd like to hear yours. Did you also encounter snags in syncing your smart home devices? Maybe you thought the bass is actually too heavy? When it came to grouping different smart home actions, how did you like Routines for Alexa? Submit your stories, thoughts and reviews on our Echo Plus product page so that other readers can gain from your hands-on time with the product.

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