Olay's electromagnetic FaceWand offers targeted beauty treatment

The wand uses one cream and applies different variations of it depending on what issue you're trying to treat.

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Tech is beauty, or perhaps beauty is tech, but whichever way you frame it, it's apparently no longer enough to rub cream into your face at night. Now, if you can't maintain a beauty regimen without using a plug-in device, does it really count? That's why Olay is one of a number of blue-chip cosmetics brands that are now showing off products at CES. This time around, the company is boasting about its FaceNavi Smart Wand, which it claims will help save folks money on their skincare routine.

Olay says that people with delicate or problematic skin may have to use a variety of products in their daily routine. That could, for instance, mean a process of makeup removal, a scrub and a cleanse, followed by toner, serum, moisturizer, a mask, eye cream and spot cream, in that order. That's an expensive, and time-consuming process that Olay is looking to cut down on with the Smart Wand.

The company says that the device leverages "electromagnetic technology" that enables users to "personalize and optimize skincare product benefits." Essentially, users can select a specific setting via the Olay Skin Advisor mobile app, and then use the Wand's "temporary, dynamically-programmable fields that drive individual ingredients into the skin, targeting the consumer's specific skin issues."

In the example Olay provides, the product may contain a mix of niacinamide, peptides and "tone-perfecting ingredients." The wand will be used to push different elements of that combination into your skin depending on what needs fixing. So if there are winkle lines on your forehead, the wand will push in peptides, while niacinamide is more useful to close visible pores.

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Certainly, it's not the first beauty device that looks to make your skin look tighter and more radiant with the help of electricity. Products like PMD's facial cleanser uses sonic waves to remove impurities from your skin with the help of silicone bristles. And, in salons, microcurrent facials are a noninvasive way to try and make your skin look younger with the aid of small electrical shocks.

It's not clear yet how much the FaceNavi Smart Wand will cost and when it'll be available, or how effective an EM wand would be. What we do know is that sales will begin in Asia and will then reach the US at some point afterward.

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